Salt Scrubs:

Overexposure to either heat or cold can cause the skin on your body to become dry, scaly, flaky and itchy.  Body scrubs remove the dead skin making room for new skin that is silky soft. Our skin is composed of multiple layers, each with its own specific task. The outer layer, or dead zone has the debris of days gone by. Showers and baths clean away surface grime, but the dead zone remains as a rough, flaky layer. This layer must be removed with an abrasive material.  Indulge your body and let your senses come alive Body Scrubs are an excellent way to pamper yourself. Your skin will feel like you just were massaged from head to toe. Scrubs can be used as little as once a week, although our scrubs are gentle enough to use as often as you desire over your entire body or just for smoothing target rough spots - elbows, knees and feet. All of our scrubs are designed to Exfoliate, Nourish, and Hydrate your skin and use the healing benefits of aromatherapy.


I personally have seen multitudes of clients healed from a variety of so called incurable skin problems.  I seriously believe it is one of the best kept beauty secrets of all time, and able to keep ones skin silky clean and smooth into old age. 


If you try it one, you will understand, and you my even become addicted....