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Client Responses

"One of the ten best massage therapists I have experienced in my world travels. I will see you every Summer."  Willis D

"It's wonderful to be able to feel this good!"  Zack W

"Wow, this is better than ..., I never though I would say that!"  Richard C

"I always feel safe in your hands." Bob C

"The Best massage I have ever had!"  Tom J

"I haven't felt this good in a long time!"  Cameron R

"I'm really glad you talked me into having a salt scrub!"

"I thought my therapist back home was the best!" Porky

Experience, "The Healing Touch of Aloha," through Local Motion Massage professional massage and spa services, formerly in Ewa Beach, Oahu, (home of the little league champions of the world) but now here, as an essential Palm Springs stop and regular local place for healing and relaxation.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 760-880-0441,  and can be either at my relaxing location or at yours.  Please feel free to call for more information.  Aloha!

My personal massage technique involves a variety of modalities such as Swedish, Alma, Deep Tissue, LomiLomi, Reiki, and more. In Hawaii we call this a "mixed plate" massage.  (traditionally, a variety of different foods on one plate) Your session will include a mixture of these styles, releasing your tension and stress, soothing your muscles,  stimulating circulation and healing, leaving you with a new sense of serenity, healing and wholeness.  My personal training started with massage instruction in high school in Seattle and culminated with certification through the Academy of Massage in Hawaii.

Various Accompaniments can be added to your massage such as Exotic Hot Stones, and Renewing Salt Scrubs, Body Shaves, Face and Foot Treatments.  The Ultimate 2 hour massage package offers both the renewing scrub and rain shower, exotic hot stones and signature Hawaiian style massage.  The full body Hawaiian sea salt scrub is given first and then, after showering, your skin is silky smooth and clean, and perfect for the hot stones and hands to glide almost effortlessly across your skin. 

Aroma Therapy is provided free along with every massage session and a variety of oils and lotions are used. My massage preference is chiefly a heated Cocoa Butter for the body and a Shea Butter on the hands and feet.  I also use over 50 essential oils, various other massage oils and homemade essential oil air sprays.

Music is varied, with over 1500 tracks of various styles, incl. nature, ambient, Hawaiian, new age, light jazz and various other styles and can easy be customized to any clients wishes.

The Space is spotlessly clean, and lighting is a combination of candle light, golden alabaster columns and blue accent light.  Sheets are flannel, either blue, green or golden on a wide, 32 inch solid custom built massage table.


Signature Island Style Massage:

1hr $100.00

Additional 30 Min: $30.00

Coral Sea's Massage Package:

Exfoliating Essential Oil & Sea Salt Body Scrub, Rain Shower and Signature Island Style Massage.

1.5 hrs  $160.00

Pele's Massage Package:

Exotic Hot Stones, combined with a Signature Island Style Massage.

1.5 hrs  $160.00

Aloha Massage Package: The Ultimate Massage Experience!

Exfoliating Essential Oil & Sea Salt Body Scrub and Rain Shower, followed by an Exotic, Hot Stone Massage.

2 hrs  $220.00
Hours 10am to 11:30pm Daily

I look forward to meeting you soon and being able to provide you with "The healing touch of aloha!"


Jorge Landa BA., LMT


Hawaii License # MAT 7251

California License # 20008953


Indulge yourself with a Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub, Exotic Smooth Hot Stones, and my Signature Island Style Massage!


A Beautiful Palms Springs Location, and Easy to Find!


10am till 1am

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Original Hawaii Location

The front gate with the parking area next to the cottage.  A side view of the cottage.  A photo of the white sundeck on the beach  looking west, and one looking east, toward Honolulu.  A partial view of the large lanai next to the beach, and a shot of the beach deck. The last one is of myself, hiking in the Washington mountains where I am originally from.  New photos of the Palm Springs location will hopefully be posted soon!



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Massage and the Original Swedish Movements by Kurre W. Ostrom (pdf file)

Early American Manual Therapy, The Art of Massage, by H. Kellogg, M.D. 1895 "Ch 1. It's History" (pdf file)

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